Topps Archives Week: A Third Blaster!

I managed to make it to the very end of May before I purchased any new 2012 baseball cards...but once that dam broke, look out!  Here's the third blaster of 2012 Topps Archives.

2012 Topps Archives:
Blaster #3:

Pack 1:
13.  Mark Teixeira
35.  Zack Greinke
71.  Jimmy Rollins
122.  Dustin Pedroia
147.  Justin Masterson
172.  James Shields
194.  Gary Carter
Archive reprint:  Robin Yount

I needed a bunch of the base cards (which is a change from the blaster I opened yesterday) but I didn't need the Robin Yount reprint - I already had it somehow!

Pack 2:
21.  Jeremy Hellickson
46.  John Danks
76.  Victor Martinez
97.  Brett Lawrie
128.  Shin-Soo Choo
180.  David Wright
197.  Allen Craig
1967 Stickers:  67S-MT.  Mark Teixeira

I needed half the cards in this pack - a ratio that is much closer to expected given the limited number of packs that I've opened up so far.

Pack 3:
26.  Paul Konerko
49.  Mike Moustakas
86.  Trevor Cahill
129.  Darryl Strawberry
140.  Buster Posey
186.  Brian Wilson
229.  Roger McDowell
Gold Rainbow Foilboard parallel:  85.  Matt Holliday

A nice pack to be sure - the short print was appreciated and perhaps I can swing a trade for one of the Reds foilboard parallels in exchange for that Holliday card.

Pack 4:
50.  Albert Pujols
74.  Ty Cobb
100.  Miguel Cabrera
104.  Yovani Gallardo
143.  Marco Scutaro
155.  Ichiro
185.  Roberto Clemente
1969 Deckle Edge:  69DE-14.  Harmon Killebrew

Three blasters, three deckle edge cards (seeded 1:12 packs).  I have to admit, I don't really like these cards all that much...but the more of them I get, the more tempted I become to try and collect the full set!  At least they are different from the other inserts, I appreciate that.

Pack 5:
4.  Matt Garza
22.  Mickey Mantle
92.  Jordan Walden
150.  Clayton Kershaw
163.  Aramis Ramirez
200.  Derek Jeter
Archive reprint:  Brooks Robinson
1958 Classic Combos:  Red Sox Stars - Yastrzemski & Ellsbury

The 1958 Classic Combo cards are seeded 1:32 packs - making them equally as rare as the 1982 In Action cards.  I should also mention that the Brooks Robinson Archive reprint is another duplicate for me - so it too is available for trade.

Pack 6:
12.  Pablo Sandoval
27.  Carl Crawford
61.  Brian McCann
77.  Chipper Jones
110.  Jose Bautista
165.  Jay Bruce
171.  Lucas Duda
1977 Cloth Sticker:  77C-RH.  Roy Halladay

Pack 7:
14.  Yadier Molina
17.  Mat Latos
63.  Tim Hudson
69.  Ryan Zimmerman
114.  Jason Motte
120.  Tim Lincecum
199.  Mark Reynolds
237.  Robin Ventura

Another new short print, that means I now have six of the fifty short prints.  It's a slow go when you are a set collector!

Pack 8:
62.  Hanley Ramirez
85.  Matt Holliday
137.  Jason Heyward
179.  Michael Bourn
1968 Topps 3D:  Babe Ruth

Relic:  56R-RZ.  Ryan Zimmerman

Woah - the Ruth 3D card is really nice - but the Zimmerman relic takes the cake!  In three blasters of Topps Archives, I've now pulled an auto (Bryce Harper) and a relic!  No complaints about that!  I also like the fact that the relic contains a nice red swatch rather than the usual white or grey.


  1. That is some solid success, despite the duplicates.

    Something tells me that Yaz smells something in that picture. Out of all the archives they could pull from, they had to find one that made it look like Jacoby farted.

  2. Let me know if the Lawrie is for trade


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