Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delivery Time! eBay wins: Currency Cards and Other Allen & Ginter Box Toppers!

I usually try to complete my sets via the trading route.  It's quite rare for me to turn to sites like eBay, Check Out My Cards, Listia, or any of the other similar sites in order to knock cards off my want list.  However, I do usually keep a few active searches on eBay...and if the right deal pops up, I will jump in a land a few cards that I need!

You probably know where this is going:  I found a nice lot of 2012 Allen & Ginter box toppers on eBay and pounced!  The highlight of the lot was this beautiful Currency of the World card of the Isle of Man.

This is my third Currency card (one from my case and now two from eBay - the other is on the way to me still).  I can't decide whether or not I want to chase the set or if I will resell this card at some point.  Heck, I might just keep the three I have and be happy with it, I don't really know.

Along with the Currency card, there was a nice selection of Cabinet cards.  The seller didn't specify which cards would be included (which probably helped explain why the lot went for as little as it did) but I was still lucky enough to knock one more off my list - at least I won't have to trade (or buy) this New York Yankee on its own now.

I also got two other Baseball Highlight Cabinet cards as duplicates and a pair of Roller Coaster cabinet cards (also duplicates).  The good news is that I am now only missing two Roller Coaster cards and then I'll have the entire Cabinet set finished for this year.  If you have either Roller Coaster Cabinet card #1 or #4 I'd love to work out a trade!

Finally, the seller threw in three (two different) N43s for me (which I didn't know were even part of the lot)!  I was able to remove Ernie Banks and Brian Wilson from my want list...and in the process picked up an extra Brian Wilson to use as trade bait.

All things considered, this was a super lot of cards for me!  If you check my archives, I posted a full 2012 Allen & Ginter For Trade list yesterday which listed all of my extra cards that are available (including quite a few extra box toppers).  


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great cards, grats !!

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