Monday, August 06, 2012

Contest: Round 1 is Open (Get Writing)!

Before I unveil the bracket and the results of the voting, I want to give a heartfelt "thank you" to everyone - both participants, readers, and voters!  We had 184 voters cast a total of 295 individual votes!  Not bad for a round in which the only thing up for grabs was seeding!  Here are the final vote results for Round 0:

As you can see, Carlos Salgado ended round 0 with the highest vote total (25), though part of that may have been a result of so many competitors dropping out of Group C.  No matter, a win is a win and Carlos Salgado has claimed the one bye (we have a total of 31 participants).  As such, Carlos will not need to write an entry for this round (though he certainly may should he choose to).

Here is the contest bracket in all its glory!  The image might be hard to read - so I created a live bracket over at Challonge (see it here).

And now, here are your writing prompts.  Please note, each card will have two groups of people writing about it - but each person is only competing against one person in this (and all future) rounds!  The same rules apply as before - write your entry which should somehow relate to the card prompt and then post a link to your blog entry on THIS POST.  You have until Thursday, August 9 at 9:00 PM EST to get your submissions in.  That should provide everyone with plenty of time.  At that point, I will once again gather up everyone's entries and create a voting page.  Highest vote totals out of each pairing will move on to the next round.

For the first (real) round of competition, I thought it would be a good idea to begin with some "easy" cards - that is, cards that should provide a lot of writing material.  What better set to turn to than the Upper Deck Collector's Choice sets of the late 90s?

Round 1 pairings and card assignments:
Make sure you write about the card ABOVE your name!

Card 1:

1.  Carlos Salgado

16.  Richard Nebe Jr.
17.  Scott Sawyer

Card 2:

8.  Dan
25.  Mark

9.  dkwilson
24.  Eric L.

Card 3:

4.  Wilson
29.  Tom

13.  30 Years of Cardboard
20.  unclemoe

Card 4:

5.  BA Benny
28.  Baseball Dad

12.  opoohwan
21.  Josh D.

Card 5:

2.  Play at the Plate
31.  superduperman99

15.  dhoff
18.  arpsmith

Card 6:

7.  Alfredo Ortega
26.  Matt Pederson

10.  gcrl
23.  Robert

Card 7:

3.  dayf
30.  High-Five Man

14.  madding
19.  Kyle4KC

Card 8:

6.  Spankee
27.  PAB

11.  Jason
22.  Kirk Jacobson

Good luck to all the competitors - and remember, keep it fun (and civil) please!  Now get writing, and don't forget to leave a link to your post on this blog entry!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with, there are some super pairings in Round 1 - it should be a fun, spirited competition!


Kyle4KC said...

I know we're good, but I'm not sure I can post by August 2nd, since that was last week. ; )

FanOfReds said...

Kyle: Whoops! Thanks! I guess I'm in denial that I have to back to work in a few weeks...way too much to do before then!

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Yo FOF, you ain't gonna get more time just by claiming an extra week here... I'm just sayin...

Carlos Salgado said...

I will post my story even with the bye...

The title is: "Mark McGwire - Baseball Transformer".


Robert said...

Good luck to all

Scott Sawyer said...

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

My humble little piece:

Mark said...

Thar she blows:

P-town Tom said...

Yeah, that was a lot more fun than Round 0.

Eric L said...

Spankee said...


BA Benny said...

Round one entry here:

gcrl said...

dkwilson said...

Here is my Round 1 post:


Round one post !

Great Job B. A. Benny !
I concede to you as I had no ideas on this one !

Kirk Jacobson said...

Round One

Wilson said...

Not to worry, I've written another silly post:

Josh D. said...

When the manager is late to team picture day, what will happen?

Dan said...

madding said...


'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

My submission:


Play at the Plate said...

Here we go:

Kyle4KC said...

opoohwan said...

Done, Thanks for the contest by the way.

dayf said...

Jay Buhner's Day Off.

Alfredo Ortega said...

Hell yeah!!

Dhoff said...

Here's my entry, shortly before the slacker deadline:

Jason said...

Wow, just made it.

PAB said...

Here's my post it's 9:00

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