Sunday, September 30, 2012

Barry Larkin Collection 143: 2002 Fleer Flair - #11

Barry Larkin
Year:  2002
Brand:   Fleer Flair
Card number:  11

The 2002 Fleer Flair set paid a small tribute to Larkin by assigning him card number 11 in the set (the same number as his jersey).  Other than that, the set is mostly a forgettable mishmash of autumnal colors and creepy, faded head shots.  I've never been a fan of vertical text on baseball cards - so the gold foil wording running perpendicular to the bottom of the card isn't good design in my eyes.  Even worse, it's difficult to read with the dried-leaves brown that Fleer used to fill in the background behind the various vertical text sections.  The back of the card is also disappointing in that there are only five years worth of statistics and yet the team logo is still itty-bitty with lots and lots of dead space at the bottom of the card.  Obviously, it's not the best Larkin card in my collection - but it's certainly not the worst (and the card stock is surprisingly nice, that should be mentioned as well).


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