Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Next Round of Voting is Open!

The first three votes are complete.  It's now time to take a quick look at the winners and then move on to the next portion of the vote.

1989 Upper Deck defeated 1988 Topps by a 11-7 score.  I can't say that was a surprise even though the two cards were seeded #32 and #33 respectively.

1994 Topps beat out the 1995 Topps base card by a 10-8 margin.  This is our first "upset" of the tournament, the 1994 Topps card was seeded #49 in the tournament (whereas the '95 version was seeded 16)!  A Gonzaga like performance out of '94 Topps!

And in the final vote of the first portion of voting, 1992 Fleer Ultra trounced 1991 Bowman in a contest that was surprising to absolutely no one.


At this point, it's time to finish off the votes for the upper quarter of the bracket.  As usual, you can find the polls on the side of my blog!  We have four votes this time around:

1993 Stadium Club vs. 1990 Classic

Will the classy card prevail or will the "Saved By the Bell" design card win?

1994 Tombstone Pizza vs. 1991 Fleer

Our first "oddball" card gets a fairly favorable match-up against the hideous yellow of 1991 Fleer.

1993 Topps Black Gold vs. 2002 Topps Total

The Topps Total has an unbelievable fan base despite the boring design of the cards.  The 1993 Topps Black Cards were great chase cards back in the day, but you can get them for cheap now.  This should be the most interesting match-up in the upper half of the bracket.

1996 Pacific vs. 1992 Post Cereal

Our final match-up of the upper fourth of the bracket pits Pacific (a personal favorite brand of mine, though not this particular card) against Post Cereal - a set of cards that reminds me of my childhood like no other set.  I'm mostly sad that one of these two cards has to be eliminated!

And with that, the first quarter of the bracket is completed!


night owl said...

Oddball all the way!

Kev said...

my first votes in awhile!

(i gave one of the few votes for bright yellow fleer, btw!)

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