Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Poor Memory = Double the Fun!

I'm rapidly approaching the end of the box of 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated - and I have to admit, the box has been a lot of fun (even if it is the second time I've busted the same box)!  I guess the ability to bust the same exact box twice is one of the few benefits of having a crappy memory.  I can assure you that there aren't many benefits to having a poor memory so any benefit that I can find is appreciated.  Enough of my drivel, let's see some cards.

Pack 17:
8.  Jim Leyritz
36.  Alex Rodriguez
45.  Blue Jays rookies (Halladay, Evans, Witt)

112.  Randy Johnson
156.  Jeff King
162.  Roger Clemens

That Halladay card made the pack if you ask me.  I kind of like the rookie subset - it's fun to look back over ten years later and see how the various players fared.  For instance, who is Tom Evans or Kevin Witt?  Exactly.

Pack 18:
17.  Saves Leaders (Hoffman & Gordon)
51.  Diamondback rookies (Ford, Corey, Klassen)
94.  Tim Salmon
104.  Vinny Castilla
169.  Eric Karros
14 of 15 OW.  Ones to Watch:  Ryan Minor

I vaguely remember Ryan Minor's name from the turn of the century.  Whatever happened to him?  For the box, this is the second Ones to Watch insert (seeded 1:12 packs) so I don't expect to find any more in the remaining few packs.


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