Monday, October 29, 2012

So Much Work, So Little Time

School has kept me incredibly busy this semester (hence the mostly one-post-per-day schedule of the blog). That said, did you know that I am also writing a mostly education themed blog now?  I'm trying to use that blog as a sort of public diary in terms of what has (and hasn't) worked in the classroom.  This semester has been even busier than usual because I am offering a brand new course - and both teaching and developing lessons at the same time.  It's been crazy (and hectic) but overall I think it has been a great success.  The one downside to all of my time being spent at work is that the baseball card blogging time has been drastically reduced...but since I have a moment to write a post right now, let me do so by re-opening another pair of packs from the Sports Illustrated box.

Pack 15:
60.  Padres rookies (Clement, Davis, Spencer)
76.  Mike Piazza
79.  Barry Larkin

103.  Kevin Millwood
155.  Curt Schilling
160.  Kerry Wood

Woo!  My first Red out of the box - and it's a good one.  I don't think I had a copy of this particular Larkin yet, so it's a doubly great card!

Pack 16:
65.  Red Sox rookies (Barkley, Cho, Sadler)
68.  Tigers rookies (Fick, Kapler, Santana)
71.  Yankees rookies (Lowell, Tessmer, Bradley)
101.  Jeromy Burnitz
118.  Barry Bonds

143.  Scott Erickson

Bonds isn't exactly known for having a charming personality - but every once in a while you find a baseball card where he has been photographed having fun or being playful.  It's good to know he wasn't a grouch 100% of the time.


Stealing Home said...

that's his face when the 'clear' delivery has arrived.

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