Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Gary Sheffield Hot Pack!

For most people, this pack would be highlighted by the pair of Gary Sheffield cards.  I think you'll see why I'm not like most people when you see one of the other cards in the pack...

Pack 08:
22.  Alex Gonzalez
28.  Butch Huskey

There's something poetic about a guy named Huskey looking husky on the back of his baseball card.
38.  Mike Hampton
70.  Robin Ventura
85.  Gary Sheffield
This isn't the last of Sheffield in the pack...
90.  Scott Rolen
112.  Barry Larkin

156.  Reggie Sanders
162.  Tim Hudson
85.  Emerald Parallel:  Gary Sheffield

Two Sheffields - it could be worse.  However, the pack was really saved by the appearance of the Barry Larkin card.  That's another new one for my collection so you better believe I'm happy with the box - and I'm only 8 packs in so far!  Although you can't tell (easily) by the scan, you CAN see a difference between the two cards when you hold them in person.  The card on the right is the emerald parallel for the record.


Dennis said...

1. Larkin is the highlight of ANY pack. Looks great! I actually have this set, and that reminds me that I'll have to include that Larkin in my list.

2. Sheffield is the lowlight of any pack, and two Sheffields aren't twice as bad--they're 100 times as bad!

night owl said...

It could be MUCH worse. Barry Bonds, Matt Williams, Sammy Sosa, the late '90s were filled with awful. I'll take Sheffield any day. Best cards in the pack.

cynicalbuddha said...

When writing Gary's biography I think it will be easier to list all the teams he didn't play for.

Roy-Z said...

I'm surprised I never sent you that Larkin in any of our 2-3 trades.

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