Friday, November 30, 2012

Back When Teams Like the Pirates Got Insert Cards...

It's the final day of November, hard to believe isn't it?  As a professor, my November (and early December) always zoom by.  Since my entire life has revolved around school (first a student, then a teacher), I've often wondered whether people with non-academic jobs find this time of the year to go by as quickly as I do.  I suppose I should stop my yammering and get to the cards...time's a'wasting.

Pack 10:
32.  Micah Bowie
35.  Sean Casey

This is a nice pack for a Reds fan!
49.  Mike Lowell
67.  Pete Harnisch
Told ya, two Reds in the same pack!
96.  Brad Radke
132.  Mike Sirotka
139.  Henry Rodriguez
194.  Manny Ramirez
229.  Prospect:  Glen Barker

Another failed prospect, that's becoming a theme with the short printed prospect cards!

3 of 15 TS.  Talent Show:  Chad Hermansen

Remember when Hermansen was all the rage?  I don't think he ended up doing much in the talent show that is Major League Baseball...


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