Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Final Two Packs of 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated!

It's been a long time coming - but I'm finally read to (re)open the final two packs from the 199 Fleer Sports Illustrated box.  Will there be magic in the final two packs?  Let's find out together because I certainly don't remember anymore!

Pack 23:
34.  Cal Ripken Jr.
64.  Reds rookies:  Glauber, Garcia, Priest

87.  Carlos Delgado
119.  Rondell White
144.  David Cone
177.  Dean Palmer

It's not hard to see why the Reds had such a miserable early 2000s...none of the three rookies on their card amounted to anything.  Ouch.

Pack 24:
37.  Craig Biggio
40.  Curt Schilling

90.  John Olerud
114.  Albert Belle
168.  Todd Walker
15 of 25 HL.  Headliners:  Roger Clemens

I tend to forget that Schilling every pitched for the Phillies.  I probably would have liked Roger Clemens slightly more if had stayed a Blue Jay for life...  I don't think I would have liked Schilling any more if he had stayed a Phillie though.

And with that semi-whimper, the box comes to a close.  My next step will be to collate all the cards and see how far I am from completing the base set.  It's nice that there aren't any short prints - maybe this will be another set that I'll eventually add to my want list.


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