Sunday, November 25, 2012

The First of the Birthday Boxes!

Yesterday, I mentioned the fact that I received a pair of boxes of baseball cards for my birthday.  I don't care how old you get (I just turned 30 for those that care), you gotta love getting cards...sure beats stuff for work!  Anyhow, I busted through the entire box in quick fashion - but now it's time to take a bit slower and really look at each card.  I'm guessing I'll end up with a fair bit of trade bait from the set when all is said and done as keep your eyes peeled for that as we go.  And yes, don't fret - I will have other (non-Metal) posts over the next few days as well.

2000 Skybox Metal

The 2000 Skybox Metal box contains 28 packs with 10 cards per pack.  The box has a satisfying weight to it - you actually feel like you are about to open a package of cards worthy of being called a box!  I bought a few packs of this set back when it was first released, but for the most part I'm expecting the majority of the cards to be new to me.  I'll try to keep a running commentary throughout the packs so that you all have something to read while you look at my pretty scans.

Pack 01:
8.  Vinny Castilla
26.  Todd Helton

A pair of Rockies to start off the box, that doesn't happen all that often.  I should also note that not every card has the same background pattern.  As I open up more packs, I'm sure you'll see the differences in some of the base cards.
42.  Jermaine Dye
73.  Ron Coomer
113.  Kevin Appeir
131.  Aaron Sele
135.  Mariano Rivera

The backs of the base cards are quite simple.  Only a single year's worth of statistics (plus career stats) and the usual player vitals like height and weight.
199.  Doug Glanville
5 of 10 PP.  Platinum Portraits:  Sean Casey

Woo!  Right out of the gates I score a nice Reds' insert card.  I usually have terrible luck pulling Reds so you better believe I'm excited about this, especially considering that the Platinum Portraits are seeded 1:8 packs.   On the other hand, this card scanned terribly (perhaps a scanner cleaning is in order)...  
14 of 15 F.  Fusion:  Rafael Palmeiro & Ivan Rodriguez

If there is an insert set that futures either Palmeiro or Rodriguez, I can be sure I'll get it...that means I'm double certain to pull an insert card featuring both players.  I think Palmeiro and Pudge are two of the four or five players that I seem to pull the most often in late 90s/early 00s card packs.  I can't complain though since I pulled two inserts in the same pack.  For the record, the Fusion cards are seeded 1:4 packs.


hiflew said...

I appreciate the Rockies love at the start, but that Vinny Castilla is actually a Tampa Bay card although he is in a Colorado uniform.

Let me know what kind of Rockies you have to trade from this set. I have exactly 0 right now.

Roy-Z said...

Hiflew I have a bunch of them as well..

You mentioned hits in these boxes. There was one "hit" from Metal and it was the Base Shredders insert, which I am trying to collect...I need only 2 from it at this point...

FanOfReds said...

Hiflew: Once I have the box busted, I plan on putting all the duplicates up for trade. You get first dibs on any Rockies.

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