Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Does a Cheerleader and a Scuba Diver Have to Do With Me?

Since becoming aware of the various series of Lego minifigures, I've become a bit obsessed with trying to collect them all.  In fact, I have even added Legos to my want list!  The current Lego series is Series 8 which you can find in various stores right now.  I happen to have a Wal*Mart in town so once in awhile I find a reason to make a stop at the big box store and purchase a package or two of the minifigures.  Each series has 16 figures in it - here's the full checklist for Series 8.

Each package has one figure inside for about $3.00.  You can't actually tell what figure you are going to get unless you open up the package (or do something akin to pack searching which I don't recommend).  Thanks to my recent purchases (plus a trade that I haven't written a post for yet), I now own 10 of the 16 figures.  Of course, the figure that I wanted the most when I first saw the checklist still eludes me (the lederhosen guy with the pretzel).  I also still would love to acquire the robot and the pirate captain.  My other missing figures from Series 8 are the business guy with the newspaper, the fairy, and the alien queen in the bottom corner of the checklist.

My two newest additions are the cheerleader and the scuba diver.

The cheerleader is nice enough I guess, but I wish the colors would have matched the football player (why is the cheerleader red while the football guy is blue).  I think it would have been better if there was a bit of synergy.

The scuba diver, on the other hand, is full of awesome.

I love the old fashioned helmet and the spear gun is a nice touch too.  Even better, you get two small grey bricks to go on the bottom of the diver's feet which makes it look like he has weighted boots on.  For such a small figure, there is a lot of detail (probably a big reason for the success of the minifigure program)!


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