Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Kind of Talent Show Would Vernon Wells Win Anyhow?

It's time for the ninth pack out of the 2000 Skybox Metal box that I received for my birthday.  I should give a huge "thanks" to my sister-in-law who graciously purchased the box for me.  The gift meant a lot!

Pack 09:
25.  Pokey Reese

I don't think there are a lot of Reds in the set, so anytime I get one I'm happy.
45.  Paul Konerko
86.  Matt Stairs
A side note:  The 3s and 8s in this set are quite difficult to tell apart in terms of the card numbering.  It's annoying.
128.  Troy Glaus
133.  Brad Ausmus
146.  David Cone
152.  Jacque Jones
175.  Octavio Dotel
206.  Prospect:  Calvin Murray

Yet another dud prospect, or at least he's not anyone that I recall doing great things as a big leaguer.

8 of 15 TS.  Talent Show:  Vernon Wells

Again I have to ask, what type of Talent show would Wells win?  According to the back of the card, Wells was "cool and professional after being thrown into the fire as Toronto's starting center fielder."  Seriously, playing in Toronto is akin to being thrown in a fire?  Me thinks Skybox exaggerates.  This is my first Talent Show insert card (seeded 1:4 packs)...I expect quite a few more!


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