9 Floating Reds Heads.

Once again, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (Eve)!  I'm scheduling today's posts ahead of time - and I'm guessing many of you will be reading this after the fact anyhow.  Thus, less words and more cards!

Pack 18:
34.  Blue Jays
129.  Jay Canizaro
155.  Jose Canseco

I don't recall mullets being in fashion in 2000.
216.  Kerry Wood
226.  Curt Schilling
229.  Brian Anderson
290.  Phil Nevin
330.  Cincinnati Reds

It's amazing to think that the 2000 Reds finished in second place in the NL Central when their leading pitcher (in terms of ERA) was Steve Parris with a whopping 4.81.  The bright spot for the Reds that year was Griffey's 40 home runs.  Oh what might have been.
365.  Mets rookies (Perez, Roberts, Cole)
G10.  Glory Days:  Mike Piazza

This is our third Glory Days card which is a more than a bit of a surprise since they are seeded 1:15 packs.  I was "lucky" when I pulled the second Glory Days card, having three in a box simply shouldn't happen if Upper Deck's pack odds are truly correct.  Just like with the other two Glory Days cards, this one features a big 'ol single color circle with the player slapped on top.  And yes, that's how I envisioned Upper Deck's workers creating this card (and exactly as much time as they must have spent on the design phase).