Sunday, December 02, 2012

A Sunday Two Pack Post!

Tomorrow marks the first day of the last week of classes for me.  At this moment, my "to do" list includes 25 items (actually 23 as I marked two of them off earlier this weekend).  That means there is only 23 more things for me to accomplish (some are easy like updating my course management software page and others are time-consuming, like writing and then grading final exams).  Although it sounds like 23 items is a lot, this is the smallest my to do list has been in months, and I'm feeling absolutely giddy.  So giddy, in fact, that I've splurged and opened up two packs for a single post!

2000 Skybox Metal:
Pack 14:
77.  Mike Piazza

91.  Edgar Renteria
93.  Roger Cedeno
96.  Brad Radke
119.  John Wetteland
127.  Russ Ortiz
161.  Orel Hershiser
176.  Orlando Hernandez
177.  J.D. Drew
75.  Emerald parallel:  Kent Bottenfield

At this point, I am halfway through the box!  Until this pack, I had been doing quite well at avoiding duplicates (only 2 through the first 13 packs).  However, this particular pack yielded another 6 duplicates (ouch)!  The Piazza, Cedeno, Radke, Wetteland, Hershisher, and Drew were all doubles from the box.

Pack 15:
27.  Mike Mussina
49.  Mike Lowell
54.  Mark Grace
55.  Aaron Boone
76.  Ken Griffey Jr.
151.  Matt Mantei
186.  Roger Clemens
198.  Ivan Rodriguez
1 of 15 F.  Fusion:  Alex Rodriguez & Ken Griffey Jr.

6 of 10 PP:  Platinum Portraits:  Alex Rodriguez

Two Griffeys and two A-rods, this would have been a serious money pack back in 2000!  Unfortunately, this pack also had a lot of duplicates (including the Griffey base card - 5 more duplicates in total).  I'm still in fairly good shape in terms of completing the 200 card base set, the short prints will be another matter of course.  I've also had a lot of fun with the box of cards, something that is awesome in this busy end-of-semester season!


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