Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Timeless Teams Relic from the Final Pack of UD VIintage!

The process of opening up the 2001 Upper Deck Vintage box was a long one (mostly because I kept interrupting the posts with "true" vintage Allen & Ginter cards all last week).  That said, the final pack of the box is now here - so let's see what the best pack of the box had in store for me.

Pack 24 (or is it 23?):
102.  Tim Wakefield
139.  Charles Johnson
151.  Andy Pettitte
185.  Atlanta Braves

197.  Rick Ankiel
228.  Tony Womack
296.  Eric Owens
322.  Barry Larkin

Yep, you got it - a Larkin in the final pack of the box.  Quite honestly, this card alone would make this the best pack in my eyes...but it's not the only goodie in the pack!
352.  Twins rookies (Ardoin, Kinney, Ryan)
NYM-EK.  Timeless Teams:  Ed Kranepool

The Timeless Teams bat relics are seeded 1:72 (or about one in every three boxes).  You better believe I was excited to pull this card, and even more so because it's a nice looking relic of a retired player.  I haven't decided for sure what I'll actually do with the card, but for now it's a nice addition to my collection.

And with that nice looking relic, the box is complete!  What do you guys think of the set?  I haven't seen much (i.e. any) love for the set on the blogs - which I guess isn't terribly surprising since it is an older set.  I hope to do another full box review at some point in the near future which will summarize my feelings (and findings) in one, somewhat tidy post.


unclemoe said...

Good set.


eventagency said...

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Anthony Hughes said...

I always liked that UD set, I like it more than the 2012 Heritage take on '63 Topps. Kind of wish Heritage just skipped '63 and went to '64.
I have the Al Oliver bat card, and I always find it amusing that it says 100% authentic. What.. as opposed to 97% authentic, or even 103% authentic?

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