Saturday, December 15, 2012

All Baseball Cards Should Have Comics on the Back

I opened the first pack of Vintage earlier today.  Now it's time for the second pack.  However, before I do so, I want to put a plug in for comics on the back of baseball cards.  Seeing the UD Vintage cards reminds me how much value a simple little comic can add to a card - and how much more interesting it can make a "regular 'ol base card."
The pack wrapper.  Each of the pack wrappers has almost split in half given the age of the box.  It appears that Upper Deck went back and "double lined" the packs to make them less see-through, but the glue they used hasn't held up over time.  It's kind of strange really.

Pack 02:
15.  Miguel Tejada
45.  Tampa Bay Rays
99.  Carl Everett
115.  Dean Palmer

The downside to a comic is that you need the caption and picture to go together.  Dean Palmer's comic/blurb make no sense together.
183.  Andruw Jones
199.  Fernando Vina
258.  Jeff Kent

Kent wasn't all that great on Survivor this season.  When I learned he was on the show I was a little disappointed because I had applied to be on the same season.  I think I would have recognized Kent - which would have made for a bit more drama for the Survivor producers (which you know they want/need).  Hear that Survivor makers?  Pick me next time.
283.  Edgardo Alfonzo
302.  Randy Wolf
340.  Colorado Rockies

This card has some sort of weird rubbing on both sides - it's like someone took an eraser to the card.  The front isn't quite as bad as the back, but it's still disappointing to get a damaged card directly out of an unopened box!


Ana Lu said...

Wasn't that card on the top? Like it seems it got the pack's glue on it. I got some cards from '80s and '90s with the same prob. Perhaps is just glue. Or some old gum that evaporated!

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