Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barry Larkin Collection 150: 2012 Topps Mini: Golden Moments Insert #GM-8

Barry Larkin
Year:  2012
Brand:  Topps Mini
Insert set:  Golden Moments
Card number:  GM-8

The Topps Mini set was a set that was only available for purchase by the box from Topps' website.  The set is essentially a parallel of the regular base Topps set and it included one insert set (Golden Moments).  While Barry Larkin did not have a regular card since he is no longer playing in Major League Baseball, he was included in the Golden Moments insert set which featured many different retired greats.

Unlike the rest of the Topps Mini set, the Golden Moments was not an exactly parallel because different players were featured (and the repeats were sometimes renumbered).  Barry Larkin was one of the repeats, but in the regular issue set his Golden Moments card was card #18.

As a whole, I could do without the Topps Mini set.  I did open a pair of boxes of the set as part of a group break, but for whatever reason the mini set didn't particularly interest me.  I think I like minis sized like the Allen & Ginter minis rather than the larger minis (these match the size of the 1975 minis or the 1987 minis).  That said, I'll always take another new Barry Larkin card for my collection, even if it is a strange size!


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