Derek Jeter: All-Star Tribute

I hope all of you enjoyed the "Original Allen & Ginter" theme week on my blog that ran this past week. I've decided to make my theme weeks run Monday - Friday only (except in rare instances) from now on.  I think that way it's long enough for a theme to get a proper run of posts, but it's not so long as to alienate visitors who don't care about that particular theme.  Moving on to things we all care about - baseball cards!  Will the next pack out of the 2001 UD Vintage box produce more duplicates (and thus, more trade bait)?  Let's find out together.

Pack 13:
6.  Tim Salmon
24.  David Wells
58.  Jay Buhner
64.  Freddy Garcia
136.  Carlos Lee
139.  Charles Johnson

For some reason, I like cards showing players signing autographs!
284.  Derek Bell
325.  Dmitri Young
377.  NL Division Series - Game 4 (Bobby Jones)
AS1.  All-Star Tributes:  Derek Jeter

The All-Star Tributes are seeded 1:23 packs, meaning this is essentially a box "hit" of sorts since the box contains 24 packs.  I think the design for this particular insert set is much better than some of the other inserts in the set, however, overall I'd say the insert design for UD Vintage is basically as boring as Topps' Heritage inserts!

And to answer the question at the top of the post - there were no duplicates in the pack!  I'll probably be willing to trade the inserts away, but I'll wait to make a final determination on that when the entire box is busted.  I do have four duplicates for trade out of the box so far - and I'm guessing more will pop up now that over half the box has been opened (and thus it should be more likely to nab a duplicate in future packs).