Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is a Pack Without an Insert Really a Pack at All?

Before I get to today's post, let me first wish my brother a very happy birthday.  He used to read this blog (maybe he still does), so perhaps he'll see my wishes here!
This is for my brother since he's in the Navy!  Happy birthday little brother.
If you would believe the modern advertising blitz, if a pack ain't got some sort of serious mojo, it ain't worth shiznit.  Well, I obviously prefer my cards prim and proper (but hold the tea and crumpets).  For the third pack out of the 2001 UD Vintage box, I'm now 1 for 3 in terms of inserts found per pack opened.  And you know what?   I'm ok with that.

For the record, here are the inserts that Upper Deck claims you can find within the set.

  • 20 Matinee Idols (1:4 packs)
  • 15 Glory Days (1:15 packs)
  • 15 Retro Rules (1:15 packs)
  • 10 All-Star Tributes (1:23 packs)
  • Timeless Teams Bat Cards (1:72 packs)
  • Timeless Teams Combo Bat Cards (serially numbered to 100)
  • Timeless Teams Jersey Cards (1:288)
  • Timeless Teams Combo Jersey Cards (serially numbered to 100)
  • Fantasy Outfield Combo Jersey Card (serially numbered to 25)
  • Mickey Mantle Jersey Card (serially numbered to 100)
  • Mantle/Maris Combo Jersey Card (serially numbered to 100)

Even a quick glance at the above list suggests that this box is not going to be laden with insert cards.  Since there are 24 packs in a box, I would expect 6 Matinee Idols inserts (we already found one), 1 Glory Days, 1 Retro Rules, and 1 All-Star Tribute.  In a "good" box, I would expect an extra of either the Glory Days or the Retro Rules.  It seems unlikely to pull much else, maybe a bat card if I'm quite lucky.

I already spoiled the fact that pack three was completely devoid of inserts.  However, that's not a bad thing since I'm planning on completing the entire set - I need the base cards!

Pack 03:
73.  Albert Belle
77.  Melvin Mora
119.  Juan Encarnacion
124.  Detroit Tigers

This is a great set if like floating heads on your baseball cards.
159.  Chuck Knoblauch
163.  Moises Alou
183.  Andruw Jones
I'm disappointed by pulling this card because it's the second time in this box that I've pulled Mr. Jones' card.  I hate the fact that I'm (apparently) going to end up with duplicates of base cards in a 400 card set.  That's going to put a big dent in my plans for completing the set eventually...I guess I'll have to wait and see how the overall collation is before I make any further collecting plans.
247.  Dustin Hermanson
278.  Al Leiter

For some reason, the sky behind Leiter looks just a little too blue for this card to be a "real photo."  I believe the background was staged.
301.  Scott Rolen

There are a few different types of Rolen - good Rolen (as a Red), bad Rolen (as a Cardinal), and indifferent Rolen (all other teams).  Luckily, in 2000 Rolen was a Phillie so this card isn't hated by me.


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