Jumbo Joey Votto Relic from JABO!

Quite awhile back, Kyle (from Juuuust a Bit Outside) and I set up a trade where I sent him a Whitey Ford relic and he was to send me a Joey Votto relic from my want list.  Before completing the actual trade though, Kyle informed me that he couldn't locate his Votto card and thus wanted to cancel our swap.  However, I knew that:

1.  Kyle would like the Ford relic much more than me.
2.  Kyle is good to his word.
3.  If I had a chance at acquiring one of the 64 Votto relics in existence, it was worth taking the risk that Kyle would indeed eventually find the card.

Since that trade, Kyle has ceased blogging altogether - another one of the great bloggers who has moved on away from the land of baseball cards.  Despite that, he still had me in the back of his mind apparently because a few days ago this arrived in my mailbox.

Now that's a nice relic card!  Thanks for the great card (and trade) Kyle!  It was one heckuva "good bye" present for me.  As always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!

PS:  I happen to have the Evan Longoria jumbo relic available from the 2011 Topps Lineage set if anyone is interested.
I was saving it with the hopes of swapping it for the Votto, but now that I have the Votto perhaps I can use the Longoria to help track down some of the remaining mini relic cards that I need from the set.  You can find the Longoria, plus all my other 2011 Topps Lineage Cards available for trade here.


  1. Interested in the Longo. Not sure what I might have to offer you but I am interested.

  2. Fun to see, i think thats the Votto i pulled a year or so ago and traded with Kyle !:-) happy to see its in the hands of a happy holder, grats !


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