Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Matinee Idols for a Matinee Post

This morning's pack marked the 1/3 point of the box.  There's no reason to stop now, let's begin the march through the second third, shall we?

Pack 09:
52.  Dave Burba
66.  Jamie Moyer

Moyer's going to throw the Upper Deck Vintage logo right at you!
91.  Texas Rangers
152.  Mariano Rivera
164.  Lance Berkman
204.  Garrett Stephenson
269.  Luis Castillo
336.  Juan Pierre
378.  AL Championship - Game 1 (Alex Rodriguez)
M3.  Matinee Idols:  Barry Bonds

The Matinee Idols are seeded 1:4 packs - this happens to be the second pulled out of the box so far (the first was Pedro Martinez).  I wish that Upper Deck would have gone with a "movie theater" script for the Matinee Idols name, but otherwise I guess it's a nice enough card!


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