Pack Wars Continued: 2011 Topps

Earlier today, I opened the first pack out of the repack box that I'm using for Pack Wars.  The initial pack (2011 Topps Series 2) scored a seemingly impressive +16 points.  Will the first pack's total be enough to win the entire competition or will the second pack out of the box immediately trump the first's total?  Let's find out!

Pack Wars - Pack 02:
2011 Topps - Series 1 (12 card pack):

There are four of the Series 1 packs in the repack box.  I still need exactly on exactly one of the diamond parallels from Series 1 (#306).  If any of the four packs have that card, it'll be tough to beat that pack in terms of score!

85.  Jack Wilson - Mariners
I've already decided that I'm not going to scan every card in the pack (unlike the first pack).  You've all probably seen your fair share of 2011 Topps at this point.  As for this card, "meh" is all I can say. +1 I suppose.

189.  Kerry Wood - Yankees
Ugh, a Yankee.  -5

208.  Clay Buchholz - Red Sox
Ugh, a Red Sox. -3

303.  Emelio Bonifacio - Marlins

A great photo if you ask me, I love the shot of all the dirt flying!  +5

161.  Chicago White Sox
I kind of like the team cards (though not as much as I used to when I was younger).  I'll still give this one a +3.

306.  AL RBI Leaders

If only this were a diamond parallel instead (this is the lone diamond parallel card I need from Series 1).  I'll give it a +2 though just for informing me which card it is that I need without me having to look through my binder.

Diamond Duos:  DD-PC.  Albert Pujols & Miguel Cabrera

I don't care for the majority of the Diamond Duo cards (these are seeded 1:4 packs).  That said, this is a nice pairing that actually makes sense (power first basemen from each league).  +5

60 Years of Topps:  54.  Justin Verlander

Topps has used the reprint gimmick way too much for me to have any interest now in sets like 60 Years of Topps.  +2 though because it is Verlander and he's a beast.

Topps Town:  13.  Chase Utley

I would prefer to give this card a -10 but I was dumb enough to collect the entire Topps Town set so I can't do that.  Instead it gets a +1.

220.  Todd Helton - Rockies
A nice card of the lifetime Rockie, +3.

245.  Neil Walker - Pirates
I kind of like the Pirates, +2.

277.  Trevor Hoffman - Brewers
Seeing Hoffman as a Brewer feels wrong to me, even now.  -2

Pack total:  +14

A score of +14 puts this pack firmly in second place.  Too bad I've only opened up two packs thus far.  It's hard to believe that a pack with three inserts (plus 4 extra cards) couldn't muster up enough points to defeat an 8 card pack...but that's how the cookie crumbles I guess.

Pack Wars II Standings:
+16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (8 card pack)
+14:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack)


  1. Emilio Bonifacio cards are often quite good photographically. They'll be even better in 2013, when he's wearing Toronto Blues.


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