Pat the Bat

Assuming I haven't lost track by accident, this is pack #22 in the 2000 Skybox Metal box.  I'm still planning on completing the entire base set (cards 1-200) and I'm conflicted about whether or not to try for the short prints (cards 201-250).  I think I'll have to look through my personal collection to see how many of the cards I already have (if any).  For now, let's enjoy the spoils of another pack.

Pack 22:
20.  Carlos Lee
30.  Juan Encarnacion
32.  Micah Bowie
74.  Ellis Burks
80.  Adrian Beltre

101.  Shannon Stewart
120.  David Nilsson
178.  Carlos Delgado
201.  Mark Quinn

10 of 15 TS.  Talent Show:  Pat Burrell

That wasn't the most exciting pack (despite getting both a short print and an insert).  The Talent Show inserts don't really excite me much, though I might end up close enough to completing the set that I might go for the remaining few.  We'll see I guess.  I probably shouldn't continue to add cards to my already large want list willy-nilly.