Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trade Bait: Come and Get It!

I posted the following cards yesterday, but it was (perhaps) too early in the morning for people to be thinking about possible trades.  Most of my "have lists" live at the top of my blog - which means I need to keep a box with the cards in an area that is fairly easily accessible for possible trades.  Since I don't have all that many cards for trade from the 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated set, I wanted to offer them up one more time in case anyone is interested.  After that, the cards will go into either my box of cards I use as part of the trade stacks or into the various team duplicate boxes (which I take from when I complete trades as throw-ins sometimes).  As usual, I will trade for anything on my want list (including other 1999 S.I. cards that I need and/or LEGOs).

Here's what I have available for trade:

13.  Stolen Base Leaders (Henderson & Womack)
30.  Season Highlights:  Kerry Wood
41.  Season Highlights:  New York Yankees
60.  Prospects:  Padres
61.  Prospects:  Phillies
75.  Juan Gonzalez
81.  Raul Mondesi
99.  Mark Grace
104.  Vinny Castilla

114.  Albert Belle
119.  Rondell White
142.  Robin Ventura
149.  Alex Rodriguez
172.  Cliff Floyd
174.  Tom Glavine

This is a nice looking set that I think a lot of people ignored when it came out.  It got lost in the shiny and craziness that defined the late 90s!  If you are interested in any of the above cards (or any other of my trade bait cards) let me know via comments or email and hopefully we can work something out!


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