Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who's in My Hall of Fame (Griffey? Bonds? Sosa?)

There's something ironic about opening packs of cards called "Vintage" during the same time as I am typing up posts about true vintage cards (the original Allen & Ginter).  I suppose I should have called my theme week "Vintage Week" and killed two birds with one stone theme week title.  Enough jibber jabber though, here's the next pack out of the 2001 UD Vintage box.

Pack 08:
37.  Vinny Castilla
85.  Ivan Rodriguez

118.  Juan Gonzalez
170.  Richard Hidalgo
178.  Brian Jordan
243.  Javier Vazquez
295.  Adam Eaton
331.  Todd Helton
368.  Pirates rookies (Hernandez, Hyzdu, Redman)

394.  NL Home Run Leaders (Sosa, Bonds, Bagwell, Guerrero, Hidalgo)

Quick!  How many of the 2000 NL Home Run Leaders will make it into the Hall of Fame during our lifetimes?  For the record, the next four on the list that year in the National League are Gary Sheffield, Todd Helton, Jim Edmonds, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Since I asked the question, I'll guess at the answer first:

  • Sammy Sosa - No, too much evidence of cheating (steroids but also the corked bat)
  • Barry Bonds - Yes, despite very few people liking him.  His talent was good enough before the 'roids (allegedly of course)
  • Jeff Bagwell - Reds' fans would put him in just because he seemed to crush Cincinnati pitching.  
  • Vladimir Guerrero - Dude could hit just about any pitch, anywhere.  That said, I don't think he makes it.
  • Richard Hidalgo - He got his moment in the sun on cards like this, he'd be the least likely of the entire group to make it.
  • Gary Sheffield - A great player for a long time, but also apparently quite ornery.  I don't think he makes it.
  • Todd Helton - I'm guessing he generates some groundswell support ala Larkin, buoyed by the fact he was a Rockie "lifer".  I say yes.
  • Jim Edmonds - Do voters give enough credit for defense?  I'm guessing no.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. - Easiest of the bunch, if anyone gets in from the era, it's Griffey Jr.  Yes.


Ana Lu said...

UD Vintage and Topps Heritage go hand-in-hand about design..

hiflew said...

If I were voting in the order of my strength of feeling.

Griffey - Yes...anyone that says otherwise should be banned from voting

Bonds - Yes...Hall of Fame shouldn't be relevant without hits leader and HR leader.

Sosa - Yes...whether you like him or not, he is 5th all time in homers. Lots of people did steroids, none of them (other than Bonds) hit 600 homers.

Vlad - Yes...very underrated mostly due to playing in Montreal for the best part of his career. Might take a year or two though.

Helton - Yes...if I saw his stats as a player for another team, I might say no. But I am a homer. He is not the slam dunk case I would have thought 5 years ago.

Bagwell -'s actually a shame that he isn't in already.

Sheffield - Yes...this one is tough, but he does have the numbers of a Hall of Famer. I could see a Jim Rice type stay on the ballot before getting in though.

Edmonds - No...I could see him getting a handful of votes though.

Hidalgo -'s an honor just to be on the ballot.

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