Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2 Cognacs and a Dee Gordon.

Happy 2013 everyone!  I hope you all had a good time last night - and now I hope you are awake enough to check out the next pack out of the repack box Pack Wars!  The repack box had a LOT of 2011 Topps so here's another one.  So far though, 2011 Topps hasn't been able to muster a score better than that of the 2011 Allen & Ginter pack.  Will a new year bring better luck?  Let's find out!

Pack Wars II - Pack 06:
2011 Topps Update Series (12 card pack):

I appreciate the fact that the Topps packs (other than one) all has 12 cards in them.  At least it feels like I'm getting a decent sized stack of cards out of the repack box!  The real question is, how many good cards will I get?

US256.  Mark Kotsay - Brewers
I didn't buy any of the update series packs when they were released so most of these cards/photos are new to me.  That said, this particular card isn't all that exciting.  +1.

US222.  Chris Gimenez - Mariners
Yawn.  +0 for offering nothing of note.

US274.  Jeff Karstens - Pirates
Raise the Jolly Roger, it's a Pirate!  +2

US268.  Bruce Chen - Royals

According to the back of Bruce's card, he has played for the Braves, Phillies, Mets, Expos, Reds, Astros, Red Sox, Orioles, Rangers, and Royals.  All while compiling a career ERA of 4.64...  I guess there is a reason he has moved around so much, serviceable but not particularly good.  Even so, it's good enough for a +1 for "sticking around."

US137.  Willie Bloomquist - Diamondbacks
I wish I knew a bunch of Diamondback collectors so that I could unload my extra D-backs cards.  -2 for having very few active D-back collectors.

US215.  Michael Dunn - Marlins
I'm sick of the Marlins.  -1

Cognac parallel:  US97.  Cody Eppley - Rangers

I'm guessing someone will want to trade for this one at least.  +2

Cognac parallel:  425.  Adrian Gonzalez - Red Sox

Two Cognac's in one pack?  Okie dokie then!  +4 for being even easier to trade away than the Eppley card.

US305.  Carlos Beltran - Giants
The Giants knocked the Reds out of the playoffs last year.  Old wounds hurt.  -2

US23.  Chance Ruffin - Tigers
Who?!  -1

US299.  Robinson Cano - Yankees
Ew!  Yankee stink.  -3

US329.  Dee Gordon - Dodgers

Easily one of the best cards images I've seen out of 2011 products!  +5 for sure.

Pack total:  +6 points

Ouch!  Even with two Cognac parallels, the pack managed to score the worst total of the entire pack wars to date.  Not good!

Pack Wars II Current Standings:
+19:  2011 Allen & Ginter (6 card pack)
+16:  2011 Topps Series 2 (8 card pack)
+15:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #2)
+14:  2011 Topps Series 1 (12 card pack #1)
+14:  2010 Topps Series 2 (12 card pack)
+06:  2011 Topps Update (12 card pack)


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