Monday, January 21, 2013

A Listia Win and (Another) New Blog by Me!

I've been playing around with Listia quite a bit lately, and once in awhile I even win an auction.  My latest win was of this Evil Robot from the LEGO Minifigure Series #8.

For those of you who like reading about my LEGO exploits, I've started another new blog - this time one dedicated to all things LEGO.  There isn't a heckuva lot there yet, but you can see what I do have at my new Legends of LEGO blog.

This also serves as my official "I'll take LEGO in a trade for baseball cards."  Now there's really no excuse to not make a trade with me ;)  It doesn't just have to be minifigures either - I'm happy to accept any LEGO set (no matter how large or small).  I'm hoping to do a bunch of reviews on my new blog in due time.

Oh, and if you are interested in my Listia auctions - well, I've been listing some various origami creations with a decent success rate.  Right now, you can find this guy up for bid - a Great Horned Owl hand folded by yours truly.


Erin said...

Gah! I had an Evil Robot for you!

Ana Lu said...

Will be following the new blog for sure!

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