Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Group Break? Plus Some More from the Ultra Box

I'm going to bust another pair of packs out of my 1999 Fleer Ultra Christmas gift box, but before I get to that, I have a couple of questions about a potential group break.

1.  Would you be interested in joining a group break (baseball)?
2.  If so, what price point per team would you like me to strive for?
3.  Do you prefer one team of your choice or the one team of your choice plus one bonus team?
4.  Do you have any particular products you'd like to see included?
5.  Do you prefer boxes with the chance of "good" hits or boxes with lots of cards for each team?
6.  Are inserts preferable or just hits (think late 90s Fleer products in terms of inserts)
7.  Even if you don't have a specific answer for #4, what year(s) would you like to see represented in a group break?

I think that's enough - please leave your comments below!  Now, on to the next two packs out of the 1999 Fleer Ultra box!

Pack 11:
31.  Sean Casey

42.  Larry Sutton
104.  Butch Huskey
107.  Johnny Damon
153.  Chuck Knoblauch

193.  Troy Percival
196.  Ben Grieve
201.  Reggie Sanders
207.  Jeff Bagwell
225G.  Season Crowns Gold Medallion:  Travis Lee

The Season Crown Gold Medallion cards are seeded 1:80 packs which makes the Lee one of the rarest card types in the set (only the Diamond Produces - seeded 1:288 packs plus some of the serially numbered cards are rarer).  The pack also featured a pair of Reds - so it was a good pack all the way around.

Pack 12:
22.  Carl Everett

72.  Ken Griffey Jr.

82.  Todd Stottlemyre
125.  Roberto Hernandez
171.  Cal Eldred
178.  Sandy Alomar, Jr.
195.  Bill Mueller
197.  Luis Gonzalez
210.  Kenny Rogers
172G.  Gold Medallion:  Curt Schilling

I've always like baseball cards where the photo depicts the player making a play near the outfield wall.  The Everett in particular is a great looking (and interesting) card!  The Schilling is available for trade if anyone wants him.


tourist504 said...

Griffey! Nice!

I have a bunch of Reds (and Larkins in particular) if you have some Griffeys you'd wanna trade....

tourist504 said...

And I've never been a part of a group break before, so my preferences are limited. If you end up doing late 90's put me down for the Mariners!

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