Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chicks in Leather

Today should be the final day of group break posts (at least for group break #1 in 2013).  Enjoy the last few bonus packs.  In other news, I hope to have everything packed up and shipped out no later than Thursday of this week.

2009 Donruss Americana:
Pack 7:

20.  John Cusack
25.  Gary Sinise
62.  Chazz Palminteri
67.  Meredith Salenger

82.  Alan Ruck

Salenger graduated cum laude from Harvard.  Good for her.

Pack 8:
20.  John Cusack
25.  Gary Sinise
67.  Meredith Salenger
Oh yeah, the first three were repeats from the previous pack.
77.  Taryn Manning

100.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I've actually heard of Louis-Drefus (I liked Seinfeld and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) but I scanned the chick in leather.  You are welcome interwebs.  The things I do for you.


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