Monday, January 21, 2013

Coolest (and Most Unique) Mail Day Ever!

A few weeks ago, I received an odd shaped package on my front porch.  Unfortunately, I didn't think (at the time) to take a photo - but rest assured I'd never received such an odd shaped item before.

Thinking back to what I might have ordered - or trades that I might have agreed to, I couldn't for the life of me think what the package could be.  In fact, I had decided it must have been for my wife when I went out to the porch and picked up the item.

You should have seen the look of surprise on my face - it was a somewhat heavy package...and most definitely not for my wife.

What was inside?  Well, two things.

First up, a t-shirt.

The interlocking SC stands for SloCon which is a fantasy baseball league that I joined last year at the request of one of my blog readers.  SloCon is the first ever paid league that I've participated in...and it was a blast last year (despite me not winning).  There is a group of 16 guys/gals who all (except one) remained active through the entire season.  Since I rejoined this year, my "prize" ended up being that t-shirt.  I did know that was coming in the mail at some point (I got to pick the color combination that I wanted) but I had no idea about the other object in the package.

You see, that t-shirt was nice - but it really served more as a type of "padding" for the following:

Yep, a baseball bat.

Not just any baseball bat though, this is a handmade bat by the league commissioner.  I don't care what fantasy league you belong to, your commissioner can't possibly be that cool.

The bat is made out of Maple from Massachusetts according to the letter that Ryan (the league commissioner) included for me.  The M on the bat stands for Monnatawket, which is apparently the Native American's name for the island where Ryan resides.

I'm pumped to try the bat out - unfortunately, there's been snow on the ground pretty much every day since the bat arrived on my porch.  However, I've already signed up for another year of softball this summer, so I'm guessing I'll get plenty of use out of the bat!
Perfect size.  You get my brown work socks with jeans, deal with it.

Thanks for the awesome surprise Ryan - and thanks for hosting the coolest fantasy league around.  Of course, don't expect me to take it so easy on everyone this year, I'm no longer the new guy (last year I finished 10-10 which was respectable but not good enough to make playoffs).  This year, I'm raising the bar!


roddster said...

Glad you liked it Chris! If any of your blog readers are interested in joining the Slocon and competing with Nachos Grande for the 2013 season, we may have an open spot or two this year! We would love to add people from a few new states! If any of you are interested email me at

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