Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flair Showcase Has Got It Going On.

I usually write my posts with some sort of music playing in the background (typically thanks to Pandora).  Unfortunately, sometimes a random song will play that instantly gets stuck in my head (for better or usually worse).  Hence, the title of the post.

2006 Fleer Flair Showcase:
Pack 13:
7.  Rickie Weeks - Brewers
71.  Conor Jackson - Diamondbacks
76.  Josh Rupe - Rangers
97.  Bartolo Colon - Angels
WF-15.  Wave of the Future:  Nate McLouth - Pirates

Whaddya know, it's a rookie themed card where the rookie became at least a semi-decent ballplayer (for a few years).  Pack win Pirates.  In other news, the Brewers now have six cards which puts them two ahead of the D-backs (who have the fewest number of cards in the break thus far).  I guess not every team can be awesome each group break - at least neither of the two last place teams were "main" teams in terms of people choosing them.

Pack 14:
27.  J.D. Drew - Dodgers
46.  Mike Jacobs - Marlins
49.  Mike Piazza - Padres
94.  Melvin Mora - Orioles
HN-18.  Hot Numbers:  Ken Griffey Jr.  - Reds

I'm happy to add one of the number themed insert cards to my own collection - and it's even better that it features Mr. Griffey Jr.  I love it - and it's an easy pack win for my Redlegs.


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