Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Group Break: Another Box Bites the Dust

I hope everyone is having fun with the break so far - we are inching ever closer to the completion.  In fact, by the end of tonight's post we will be down to a mere two boxes remaining!

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball
Pack 23:
12.  Mark Prior - Cubs
45.  Jeff Kent - Astros
61.  Ben Sheets - Brewers
80.  Kerry Wood - Cubs
11.  Warren Spahn - Braves (Blue Parallel)

I think I've finally figured out the blue parallels - they are called "Level 1 variations" and are seeded 1:6 packs.  Nothing like waiting until the second to last pack to figure it all out, am I right?  The pack win goes to the Braves despite the pair of Cubs in the pack.

Pack 24:
9.  David Ortiz - Red Sox
62.  Scott Rolen - Cardinals
110.  Jorge Posada - Yankees
119.  Jacque Jones - Twins
51.  Edgar Renteria - Cardinals - Die Cut Parallel #022/175

What is that parallel?  I have no idea.  The pack wrapper says that the die-cut parallels are numbered out of 250 - which is clearly not the case here.  I guess it's better than that?  The final pack win of the box goes to the Cardinals despite me not knowing exactly what I have here.


Scott Sawyer said...

Beckett just calls it the Parallel 175. Gives it a 6x multiplier but doesn't give pack odd. 1 - 42 are not die cut. 43 on are.

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