Monday, January 14, 2013

Group Break: Another Counterparts Insert

Well, it's Monday morning.  Sometimes that's all you need to say.  Let's hope the card packs add some sort of excitement to an otherwise boring, lousy day.

2000 Topps Finest:
Pack 19:

169.  Jose Lima - Astros
228.  Kip Wells - White Sox
233.  Rick Ankiel - Cardinals
240.  Alfonso Soriano - Yankees
244.  Jason Dellaero - White Sox
274.  Counterparts:  Mark McGwire (Cardinals) & Pat Burrell (Phillies)

I've gotta give this pack win to the Cardinals since McGwire is the bigger star in my estimation.  That said, both the Cardinals and Phillies were claimed as "primary" teams so this card will also be randomed off at the end of the break.

Pack 20:
153.  Ryan Klesko - Padres
173.  J.T. Snow Jr. - Giants

196.  Hideki Irabu - Expos
200.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs
220.  Carl Everett - Red Sox
234.  Lance Berkman - Astros

I don't think I ever knew that J.T. Snow had a "Jr." at the end of his name.  Pack win Giants for teaching me something new.


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