Monday, January 14, 2013

Group Break: A Cal Ripken Box Hit!

I figured a Monday was a perfect day to finish off the 2000 Topps Finest box.  At this point, there are only four packs remaining - it'll be down to two packs by the time you finish scrolling to the bottom of the post.

Pack 21:
167.  Octavio Dotel - Astros
175.  John Olerud - Mariners
185.  Juan Gonzalez - Tigers

212.  Chuck Knoblauch - Yankees
227.  Brad Penny - Marlins
236.  Dee Brown - Royals

Do you see what I've already seen a bunch of times this break?  Yep, more duplicates from the Finest box.  I'm not impressed.  Pack win goes to...eenie meenie minie moe...  The Tigers!

Pack 22:
148.  Kerry Wood - Cubs
187.  Mike Hampton - Mets
195.  Shawn Green - Dodgers
218.  Roger Clemens - Yankees
229.  Adam Everett - Astros
BB18.  Ballpark Bounties:  Cal Ripken - Orioles

Now that's more what I'm talking about - a nice (and shiny) insert card!  That's the reason I purchased this box for the group break.  A big congrats to the Orioles on the Ballpark Bounties card (seeded 1:24 packs, this is a box hit)!  Once again, my scanner doesn't do the insert justice - this is a gorgeous, gorgeous looking card (so gorgeous I said twice)!


Commishbob said...

Sweet, a Ripken hit! And a Berkman card in the next pack. I'm feeling better now.

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