Friday, January 18, 2013

Group Break: Four Packs Remain in the Pennants Box

If you missed the packs from earlier today, I would check my archives.  There was a pretty nice autograph discovered!  Now, there are only four packs remaining in the 2005 Upper Deck Pennants box - here's half of the remaining packs.

Pack 17:
7.  Bob Gibson - Cardinals
9.  Bobby Doerr - Red Sox
34.  George Brett - Royals

45.  Joe Morgan - Reds
60.  Orlando Cepeda - Giants

For the most part, I find myself gravitating towards the older photos in the set.  However, every now and then it's one of the newer photos that I deem to be the best in the pack.  In this case, the George Brett card is pretty much perfect - and it delivers the Royals their second pack win of the break.

Pack 18:
13.  Cal Ripken Jr. - Orioles
30.  Frank Robinson - Reds

39.  Jack Morris - Tigers
40.  Jim Bunning - Phillies
70.  Robin Yount - Brewers

Sometimes when I pick a pack winner, the "homer" side of me comes out.  However, in this case I think Robinson earned the win by having such a great photo.  (And it doesn't hurt that he's pictured as a Red rather than as an Oriole)!


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