Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Group Break: Party with Play Ball (2004)

The 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball box has 24 packs with 5 cards per pack.

This box promises 2 game-used cards plus an autographed card.  Here's hoping we get something good!

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball:
Pack 1:
30.  Ted Williams - Red Sox

44.  Rich Harden - Athletics
59.  Gary Sheffield - Yankees
63.  Greg Maddux - Cubs
HH-EM.  Home Run Heroics:  Eddie Mathews - Astros

The Home Run Heroics are seeded 1:24 packs which makes this a box hit right off the bat for the Astros!  It's an easy choice for pack winner as well.  The window around the box score is cut out in case you can't tell via the scan.

As for the regular base cards, they are ok - the photoshop filter probably wasn't the best choice though...

Pack 2:
23.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
71.  Tim Hudson - Athletics
79.  Jason Schmidt - Giants
121.  Milton Bradley - Indians
173.  Classic Cobos:  Dontrelle Willis & Ivan Rodriguez - Marlins #1634/1999

The Marlins pick up the first serially numbered card of the break - and it's a pretty nice one at that!  The Classic Combos are also a box hit of sorts (seeded 1:24 packs).  Not bad for the first two packs in the box - and certainly a nice pack win for the Marlins (a team that doesn't often get a lot of pack wins it would seem).


Classic Card Collector said...

Pack 1 is missing Hank Aaron as a Brewer from being the most Brave-filled Braveless pack ever.

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