Saturday, January 12, 2013

Group Break: Topps Finest (Refractor Edition)

I think it's about time to open some more packs - this time of shiny cards!

2000 Topps Finest:
Pack 15:

170.  Andres Galarraga - Braves
213.  Moises Alou - Astros
230.  Eddie Yarnall - Yankees
237.  Gookie Dawkins - Reds
239.  Peter Bergeron - Expos
243.  Ryan Anderson - Mariners

I don't know if it's true or not, but it sure feels like I've opened up all the above players two or three times already.  I'm much too lazy at the moment to actually verify that though.  Since I have to choose a pack winner, I'm giving this to the Mariners because the Anderson card seems like it has the best chance of being "new*" to the break.

*I went and checked - this is the third Anderson of the break.  Whoops.  What's decided is decided though.  Congrats Seattle on your hollow victory.

Pack 16:
179.  Jeff Cirillo - Rockies
180.  Gabe Kapler - Rangers
198.  Roger Cedeno - Astros
225.  Raul Mondesi - Blue Jays
246.  Milton Bradley - Expos
276.  Counterparts:  Nomar Garciaparra (Red Sox) & Alex Rodriguez (Mariners)  - Refractor

The Counterparts cards are seeded 1:8 packs - though I don't know if the refractor version is a parallel or if all Counterparts cards are refractors (it's not clear by the pack wrapper).  Either way, this is a nice (and super shiny) card - more cards like this would make me like the box a lot more!  It's also amusing that the Red Sox keep scoring all the "good" cards out of the box, though I suppose this card has a 50/50 chance of going to the Red Sox or Mariners.  As usual, all multi-team cards will be randomed off at the end (assuming the players in question are from the "main" claimed team - which is the case here).  

Since I have to pick a pack winner, I'll choose the Red Sox since Nomar gets front billing on the card.


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