Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Love All Vintage Player Sets! (More Group Break Packs)

It's time for two more packs out of the Upper Deck Past Time Pennants box - a set that I'm loving!

Pack 3:
43.  Jim Rice - Red Sox
44.  Joe DiMaggio - Yankees
65.  Phil Rizzuto - Yankees

68.  Rick Petrocelli - Red Sox
76.  Tony Gwynn - Padres

A pack with two Yankees and two Red Sox.  It's like a Topps pack!  I'm giving the Yankees the pack win though since the Rizzuto photo is the best of the pack.  It simply screams old school baseball to me!

Pack 4:
8.  Bob Lemon - Indians
15.  Carlton Fisk - Red Sox
20.  Don Mattingly - Yankees
27.  Ernie Banks - Cubs

35.  George Kell - Tigers

In a pack full of Hall of Famers, you can't go wrong picking any of the represented teams.  However, I break the tie by the best photo - and for me, that's Ernie Banks in this pack!  The Cubs get their first pack win of the break (and their sixth card of the break by my count).


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