Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Running Out of Group Break Post Titles

It's still my intention to finish off the box of UD Play Ball today.  Let's not waste any more time.

Pack 21:
32.  Alex Rodriguez - Yankees
47.  Adam Dunn - Reds
65.  Miguel Cabrera - Marlins

107.  Johnny Damon - Red Sox
126.  Travis Hafner - Indians

I forgot that Miguel Cabrera was a Marlin.  I'm giving Florida the pack win for reminding me of baseball facts I should know.

Pack 22:
18.  Brandon Webb - Diamondbacks
43.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros

69.  Hideki Matsui - Yankees
115.  Jose Guillen - Angels
125.  Juan Gonzalez - Royals

Not much to choose from here, I guess the non-Hall of Famer Bagwell is the best choice.  Pack win for the Astros.


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