Monday, January 28, 2013

The Barry Larkin Experiment: Begin Voting Now!

It's been quite some time since I last posted a poll for my ongoing Barry Larkin Card Experiment. In fact, the last post was dated November of 2012!  Now that the holidays are behind us and while spring training is still a gleaming date on the calendar, let's get to another round of voting.  Of course, before we get to the next group of cards to vote on, we should take a look at the results of the previous polls.

Here are the previous poll results (and a link to the updated bracket):

Now, it's on to the next few votes!  As always, vote using the polls on the right-hand side of my blog.

#28:  1992 Topps Stadium Club vs. #37:  2006 Fleer Greats of the Game

This should be a good match-up since both sets have a small following (but neither set seems to have the devoted fans that are common for many other sets like Masterpieces or even Ginter).  The bracket seeding here is #28 vs. #37 so no matter who wins this round, it's doubtful you'll see either card in the Elite Eight.

#12:  1991 Fleer All-Star vs. #53:  2011 Topps 60 Relic
That's not a typo - the '91 Fleer All-Star is indeed the #12 seed...and the relic is a mere 53rd seed.  If there was ever an upset waiting to happen, it's right here.  That said, one Larkin relic has already been knocked out of the competition (and by a '93 Upper Deck card no less)!

#21:  2006 Fleer Greats - Reds Greats Insert vs. #44 1990 Donruss

I'm going to be shocked if the 1990 Donruss cards managed to come within 10 votes of the Fleer Greats card.  Of the three votes, this one has the greatest chance (in my eyes anyhow) of being a shut-out vote.

As I mentioned, the polls are to the right on my blog sidebar.  Feel free to leave any comments explaining your votes - and if you want to defend 1990 Donruss, go ahead and try.


Wilson said...

Come on, 1990 Donruss looks at least passable for Cardinals and Reds, doesn't it? For most other teams though, it looks like a yellow Green Bay helmet on a blue NFC Pro Bowl jersey - mismatched and ugly.

Ana Lu said...

1991 Fleer All-Star? Simply the best from all current polls.

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