Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Winds of Change are a'Blowin'

It's probably a good thing that Topps is ready to release their 2013 flagship set.  As the days have gone on since Christmas (when my brother bought me a LEGO set on a whim), I've been more and more interested in the plastic figures and less and less interested in most things related to cards.

Will the 2013 Topps set shift the bulk of my attention back to cardboard?  I'm not sure, but it can't possibly hurt (can it?)...

Speaking of cardboard, here are another two packs of 1999 Fleer Ultra - a set that definitely interests me!

Pack 7:
2.  Greg Vaughn
24.  David Ortiz
90.  Kevin Brown
100.  Kerry Wood
102.  Jose Valentin
111.  Tony Womack

131.  Geoff Jenkins
141.  Bernie Williams
143.  Rafael Palmeiro
168G.  Gold Medallion:  Tim Salmon

The Womack photo is sweet!  

Pack 8:
10.  Brett Tomko
13.  Jamie Moyer
21.  Freddy Garcia
61.  Dante Bichette
64.  Frank Thomas
85.  John Olerud
121.  Edgar Martinez
200.  Scott Rolen
53G.  Gold Medallion:  Matt Williams

7 of 15 TC.  Thunderclap:  Frank Thomas

The Thunderclap cards are seeded 1:36 packs (which means they are less than one-per-box).  I'm always happy to get a "rare" card - even more so when it is of a player that I actually like!  The Thunderclap card is both shiny and embossed making it both look and "feel" (literally) like something special.


Scott Sawyer said...

The Thunder Clap card is awesome! You can imagine the sound of Thomas making contact with the ball and hearing that sound.

Jeff W said...

Being a White Sox fan, I think of this when I see "Thunderclap":

Sox used AC/DC for a few years as their intro music/video.

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