Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your Five Best Years on Cardboard

Wanna open packs?


Do ya, do ya?

Ok then.

2005 Upper Deck Pennants:
Pack 7:
3.  Bert Blyleven - Twins

51.  Larry Doby - Indians
59. Nolan Ryan - Rangers
78.  Stan Musial - Cardinals
83. Tony Perez - Reds

I hadn't paid a lot of attention to the backs of the cards in the set, but Upper Deck did something a bit different than usual.  They give the player's five best years worth of stats plus the player's career totals.  It's a sort of interesting way to give stats - though ultimately I doubt it's overly useful!  As for the pack win, I'm giving it to the Reds because of the Perez photo - he's wearing what appears to be the oldest looking batting glove that I've ever seen on a baseball card!

Pack 8:
36.  Goose Gossage - Yankees
47.  Johnny Podres - Dodgers

56.  Mickey Mantle - Yankees
62.  Paul Molitor - Brewers
87.  Will Clark - Giants

I always found it strange that Podres pitched for the Dodgers.  It seems like he'd be a better fit for the Padres.  His card is still cool enough though - and I'm sick of Mantle.  Dodgers get the pack win.


gcrl said...

podres ended his career with the expansion padres in 1969

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