Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1999 Pacific Aurora: Jeff Kent is a Survivor, Jay Bell is a Professor?

It feels like I just started opening my box of 1999 Pacific Aurora...but here I am ready to open up packs 7 and 8.  Enough delay, here we go!

Pack 7:
17.  Chipper Jones

22.  Will Clark
24.  Mike Mussina
141.  Gary Bennett
145.  Kevin Lefcik
171.  Jeff Kent

I think of Survivor now whenever I see Kent's name.  I wonder what he thinks about that.

Pack 8:
7.  Jay Bell

23.  Scott Erickson
36.  Sammy Sosa
140.  Bob Abreu
146.  Brian Giles
174.  Jay Buhner

I think Jay Bell looks more like a professor in that photo than he does a ballplayer.  In sad news, I still haven't found a single Cincinnati Reds card in the box.  Plenty of packs remain though, we aren't even quite a quarter of the way through the box.


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