Thursday, February 21, 2013

2005 Fleer National Pastime Grand Old Gamers: One For Me - Some For You?

I've been keeping my toes wet in the pool otherwise known as Listia.  Most of my buying has been of the LEGO variety, but once in awhile I manage to land a baseball card that I want.  One of my latest Listia conquests was for a lot of 10 different 2005 Fleer National Pastime Grand Old Gamers insert cards.

Why would I buy a lot of cards from a set that I'm not even collecting?

One reason.

Yep, a brand new Barry Larkin card for my collection.

The amount of Barry Larkin cards that I own but haven't yet posted on the blog is staggering.  Even so, whenever I see another Larkin that I don't own I have an overwhelming desire to own it.  Immediately.  Thus, I gained a bunch of extra cards in the quest to nab another Larkin.  The things I have to do.

As for this particular new addition, it's kinda cool, kinda weird.  It looks like Larkin is about to rob a home run despite being a shortstop (and that is assuming if you hit the ball over the American flag it counts as a home run)...

The rest of the cards from the lot aren't of interest to me.  I figured I'd throw them up on the blog to see if anyone is interested in trading for them (in exchange for something I actually want).  If not, no biggie.  I'll probably end up putting the remaining nine cards back on Listia at some point.

Here's what I have available:

5.  Hank Blalock
6.  Randy Johnson
7.  Roger Clemens
8.  Chipper Jones 12.  Ichiro
16.  Alfonso Soriano
18.  Curt Schilling
26.  Kerry Wood
33.  Andruw Jones

I'll try to update this post as the cards are claimed.


AdamE said...

I could use the Schilling.

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