Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Group Break - 2 Slots Remain Open! (Red Sox, Indians, Angels, Pirates, etc.)!

I'm working on filling my 2013 Topps Tribute Group Break.  You can find all the details (plus the official sign up page) by clicking on the link.

Slots:  One team of your choice, one random team for $20.00
Sign Up Directions:
1.  Please submit payment (as a gift) to the following email address:  fanofreds (dot) auctions @ gmail (dot) com.  Please make sure to notice that the first part of my email is pluralized and the second part has the word auctions.  I initially only used PayPal for eBay, hence the auctions.

2.  Email me (same address) with a short email stating the following:
  • Your username you used to claim your slot(s)
  • Your mailing address
  • The team(s) you claimed for the break.
By including all three pieces of information, you make my life a LOT easier when it comes to shipping out the group break goods!

Product Information:

6 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards per pack
3 Auto's Numbered to 99 or less per box
3 Relic Cards Numbered to 99 or less per box
Possible bat knobs, bat plates, cut signatures, batting gloves, and lots of other goodies!

Slots remaining:  2
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Atlanta Braves  - Carlos Salgado
Baltimore Orioles - Zach
Boston Red Sox  -
Chicago White Sox - Jon (PAID)
Chicago Cubs - Tom (PAID)
Cincinnati Reds - Nachos Grande (PAID)
Cleveland Indians -
Colorado Rockies -
Detroit Tigers -
Florida Marlins -
Houston Astros -
Kansas City Royals -
Los Angeles Angels -
Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL
Milwaukee Brewers -
Minnesota Twins -
New York Mets -
New York Yankees  -  Dutch Card Guy (PAID)
Oakland Athletics -
Philadelphia Phillies - daddyohoho (PAID)
Pittsburgh Pirates -
San Diego Padres -
San Francisco Giants - Badder
Seattle Mariners - tourist504
St. Louis Cardinals - Slightly Disappointing
Tampa Bay Rays -
Texas Rangers - Josh  (PAID)
Toronto Blue Jays -
Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Josh  (PAID)


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