A Card to Make Fans of the DH Happy

I've probably never taken so long to open a single box of cards as I have for this 1999 Fleer Ultra box.  I guess part of me is trying to make the box "last" since I don't really have the money to buy any new 2013 products right now.  On the other hand, I am anxious to rip into my other box that I got for Christmas (a box of Pacific Aurora)...a box that still has it's plastic wrap on despite it sitting on my desk and tempting me since December!

While my self-control in terms of baseball cards may not exactly be something to brag about, that's still impressive for me.

Let's rip open two more packs of Fleer Ultra - that Pacific box will have to wait a few more days since there are six (soon to be four) packs of Ultra remaining.

Pack 19:
53.  Matt Williams
94.  Bob Wickman
109.  Rolando Arrojo

140.  Garret Anderson
148.  Henry Rodriguez
151.  Mike Lieberthal
155.  Brian Jordan
167.  J.T. Snow
203.  Denny Neagle
75G.  Gold Medallion:  A.J. Hinch

Although there were a few good photos in the pack, my favorite was the Arrojo.  On first glance, this is a typical "pitcher in motion" kind of card...but if you take a closer look at Arrojo's facial expression you'll see why this is a priceless card!

Pack 20:
8.  Mike Lansing
12.  Mark Langston
26.  Darren Lewis
27.  Ray Lankford
69.  Nomar Garciaparra
163.  Chuck Finley
183.  Jim Edmonds
184.  Shawn Estes

218.  Season Crown:  Juan Gonzalez

87G.  Gold Medallion:  Derrek Lee

Is Estes trying out for a speedskating team?  This is probably a piece of evidence that fans of the DH can use to prove why pitchers shouldn't hit (and, by extension, run the bases in their goofy jackets).  On the other hand, I'm a National League guy so I love seeing goofy stuff like this...especially when it's not of my team!


  1. Oh baby that Estes card is AWESOME! That would make for a great but small binder - cards of pictures on the basepath in a warm up jacket. I gotta find that card in a dime box.


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