Monday, February 11, 2013

An Aurora Box Hit!

The worst part of Monday is that it's only Tuesday tomorrow.  Tuesday's are the worst day of all during the school year (at least this semester) since I've got a bunch of labs and other responsibilities - and no time for a real lunch.  I get crabby when I don't get to eat.

However, today's Monday which means I get to eat shortly.  That makes me happy.  Want to know what else makes me happy?

Opening packs of cards.  Especially packs of cards that I didn't have to purchase for myself.

Pack 5:
18.  Brian Jordan

28.  Reggie Jefferson
120.  Hideo Nomo

121.  John Olerud
142.  Desi Relaford
190.  Tom Goodwin

A simple pack, but that's ok.  The Jordan is a Braves card despite three different photos of him as a Cardinal.  At this point in time, I like the Braves marginally better than the Cardinals so that's why Jordan got scanned.

Pack 6:
19.  Javy Lopez
26.  B.J. Surhoff
122.  Rey Ordonez
128.  Derek Jeter

144.  Curt Schilling
Styrotechs:  19.  Juan Gonzalez

The Styrotechs are seeded 1:37 packs (or almost one-per-box).  It's a bit disappointing to get Juan Gonzalez only because I don't collect him (or have any interest in him or the Rangers).  A quick search for the full checklist shows that this is apparently the least valuable of all the Styotech cards (some of which have a purported value in excess of $10.00 which I also find hard to believe).  Despite the poor player selection, the card itself is pretty cool.  It has almost mirror like sheen to it, something that you almost have to hold in your hand in order to see (the scan does the card no justice).


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