Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Blues = A Blue Mark Grace

Happy Freaking Monday.  You might have today off but I don't.  I'm not bitter about that.

Yes, actually I am.

But I get almost four months off in the summer so I'll shut up now and show you pretty cards.

Pack 21:
5.  Tim Salmon
33.  Mark Grace

101.  Dave Nilsson
126.  Orlando Hernandez
167.  Rich Aurilia
186.  Dave Martinez

Didn't I hear something about Mark Grace and a DUI or something similar (yes, I did)?  Not cool.  Know what else isn't cool?  Two more duplicates (Aurilia and Martinez).

Pack 22:
12.  Travis Lee

14.  Andres Galarraga
32.  Rod Beck
102.  Jose Valentin
114.  Carl Pavano
197.  Carlos Delgado

Hmm.  Once again, only four of the cards were new to me.  The Pavano and the Delgado (pictured) are both duplicates.  That brings the box total up to 18 doubles plus 1 triple (or more than three full packs of duplicates).  Blech.


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