Reaching the Bottom of the Aurora Box...

Today's the day that I finish off the 1999 Pacific Aurora box.  I managed to milk my two Christmas boxes of cards for almost two full months - that's a lot of enjoyment from only two boxes.

At the moment, the Aurora box has exactly two remaining packs.  In effort to stretch the box out as much as humanly possible (or more likely, in an effort to give me something to look forward to when I get home from work tonight), here's one of the two remaining packs.

Pack 35:
32.  Rod Beck

103.  Fernando Vina
116.  Ugueth Urbina
162.  Wally Joyner
191.  Rusty Greer
Pennant Fever:  7.  Frank Thomas

The Beck, Vina, and Greer cards were all duplicates which means that I only managed to add two more base cards to my set.  I'm hoping people have some of these cards lying around for trade since I'll be missing quite a few when all is said and done!